1. I was really looking forward this fight .There was alot of hype on both sides Atlantic . To be completely honest I have lost some much for not the sport and sweet science of boxing but moreso the promotion .Mostly I have a problem with the Dan Duvas and Don kings of this world .I get it you want to get the biggest pay day for you and the fighter .But back in the day the top contenders would want to face each other because his reputation and honor was on the line .There is no way in hell Muhammad Ali,George Foreman or Sugar Ray Robinson or the Brown Bomber Joe Louis would not want to knock the stuffing out a guy who thought he was the baddest and greatest at that time . Back to the Wilder and Fury fight . This is the first time I have watched either opponent in the ring to be honest.watching the fight the eye ball test said Wilder won the fight .Excuse me but you put a dude twice on the canvas on your still behind on the boxing card by the so called judges tells me something about those who decide out comes in boxing .Most of them have not even stepped in the to much less be judging a fight of this magnitude.wilder was throwing bombs and fury was acting like a clown .However after learning more about the obstacles and personal demons that Fury had to over come to not just get back in the ring but to get his life back together .I have to applaud him for that .There definitely will be a rematch most likely it will be in the UK. the fight I always wanted to see was GGG versus Money Mayweather .But because Floyd did not want to risk losing his perfect record or money on the table the fight never happened and both are getting older not sure it if has the same cache as it would of say 5 yrs ago if they fight now .

    • You make a lot of good points and I agree with you on, fighters of old fought for honor now its about money. Wilder and Fury both made a good showing and Fury has overcome a lot; a rematch is definitely in order. GGG vs Mayweather is something that I have wanted to see for awhile but never heard anyone else talk about it, I don’t think Mayweather wants that fight either. Mayweather is all about money fights and promotion now. I wouldn’t mind seeing GGG vs Canelo 3 though. Good comments and observations!

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