Lessons I Learned from Boxing: Bout 3

Bout 3: Go Get Him!

After the loss in my second bout I went back to training harder than before waiting for the next opportunity to compete. After over a year of intense training I was in the best shape that I had been in my life, I was lean and mean… My trainer let me know that there would be another event in June at the arena we first competed and that we would be ready for it. The date in June arrives and we go through the same routine of carpooling to the arena. At the time I was 24 years old and found out during training that my opponent was 17 which I didn’t take lightly because every opponent is dangerous having sparred with other teenagers. We get to the arena and go through the weigh in process and I find that my opponent had not shown up and that I would not be competing. I was a little bummed that I couldn’t that night cause I was ready…

After the missed fight opportunity it was back to training hard as normal. The following week my trainer announced that a local bar would be hosting an amateur boxing event in a few weeks and I sure lets do it. The next few of training were intense with sparring sessions with local professionals that taught me a lot.

On fight day we get t the bar and the environment is crazy, fun but crazy…. Before my time to compete I walked through the bar just to get look of the place and a bald guy sitting at table stopped me and nervously asked me if I knew who I was fighting… I didn’t so I told him no and walked away. My time comes and I look across the ring and my opponent is the guy who stopped me…about 6 feet tall 200 pounds and stocky. The bell rings for the first round and we go out at in the middle of the ring like Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano… During my training sessions the professionals taught me being a taller fighter to look out for overhand rights from my opponents but somehow I had forgotten that in the ring and was hit with several overhand rights that put me on the canvas…

While I’m on the ground I can hear the referee counting and I make my way to my feet and I am pissed… My eyes lock in on my opponents face and a voice inside my head says “Go Get Him!”… My opponent rushes me looking to get another knock down and I push him off and hit him with 3 straight right hands and put him on his back with his feet in the air. He makes the 10 count and we go back to trading punches.

In the second round we meet in the middle of the ring again and trade punches like Louis and Marciano and I can tell my punches are getting to him…. I hit him with a left hook to the body that knocks the wind out of him and he takes a knee…but the referee called it a slip… I couldn’t believe the call because I knew what he felt and what he had done…during a sparring session with a 6’2 250 pound professional I was hit with a body shot that knocked the wind out of me and I took a knee and my opponent had the same look…

The referee gives him time to catch his breath and we meet in the middle of the ring again but this time he has a look of nervousness on his face and doesn’t throw as many punches so I go back to his body with another jab…

The third round begins and we go back to trading punches… I wanted to get another knock down to make up for the last round but didn’t force it but wanted to let it happen. I didn’t get another knock down but we finished the fight with a bang throwing blows to the delight of the crowd. In my mind I knew I won and the look of my opponent agreed with my inner confidence but I lost the decision… After the announcement my opponent shook my hand thanked me and said good fight.

In the days after my trainers told me the conversation they had when I got knocked down, one of them said to the other “when he gets up he is going to F*** this dude up” and after I knocked him down they just looked at each other. I also found out a little about my opponent and some things he went through prior to being able to compete that day… In my mind I thought if he went through all of that and was able to fight that day he was a winner at life.

No excuses as much as I felt I won the fight I lost the decision.

Lessons Learned

I could be knocked down but get up and fight… “It ain’t about how hard you hit but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward” – Rocky




  1. What the heck? It sounds like it was fixed to me for him to win! You clearly won that fight if you took him down with that left hook! Great post though.

  2. This is the kind of decisions by judges that make me feel jaded about boxing governing bodies and the idiotic blind eyed people that run them .They need to send the ref and judges to some training school to learn how to call fair fights. But excellent showing on your part first of all by getting into the square circle and second to get up after getting knocked down and earning your opponent’s and your local boxing community’s respect . Great article bro .

    • I am humbled by this comment and I appreciate you reading. I don’t take anything away from my opponent he brought out the warrior in me and there will be more to come this story is not over…

      Train like a Champion

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