Twin Title Action

Charlo Twins

On December 22 live from the Barclays Center on Fox TV twin sensations Jermell and Jermall Charlo are set for title action. Jermell “Iron Man” Charlo will defend his WBC World super welterweight title against Tony Harrison and his brother Jermall “Hitman” Charlo will take on Willie Monroe Jr. for the interim WBC World middle-weight championship. Both brothers hold undefeated records Jermell with 31 wins 15 knockouts and Jermall 27 wins with 21knockouts.

Tail of the Tape

Jermell Charlo, 28 standing at 5’11 with a 73″ reach; Tony Harrison 28 standing at 6’1 with a 76.5″ reach, record 27 wins 2 losses with 21 wins coming by knockout.

Jermall Charlo, 28 standing at 6′ with a 73.5′ reach; Willie Monroe Jr. 31 standing at 5’10 with a 74″ reach, record 23 wins 3 losses with 6 wins coming by knockout.


Two competitive entertaining bouts with the Charlo Twins coming out with victories.

What are your thoughts?

Richard Justin


  1. Hi Richard,

    We just had the Mundine v Horn fight here in Australia. Have you heard of either boxer? Anthony Mundine and Jeff Horn. Horn beat Manny Pacquiao about 12 months ago. It was a no contest this time as Horn beat Mundine in 97 seconds.

    I will check these twins out. Sounds like 2 great contests. Thanks for the post. Cheers,


    • Thank you for reading and commenting and thank you for the update on Jeff Horn, I am familiar with him and the decision win over Pacquiao but I won’t go into my thoughts on it…Glad he won this one decisively and gave you guys a good show in Australia. The Charlo Twins will put on a good show tomorrow night…Comeback for more boxing updates!

      Train like a Champion

    • They are two of the elite champions in their divisions and they will be entertaining to watch if it is your first time watching them. Be sure to tune in if you can and comeback and check us out for more boxing updates.

      Train like a Champion

  2. I got down to the tale of the tape between these fighters.the Klitchko are the only siblings I know in boxing .Thanks for the breakdown and the articles on boxing.I would love to get a article breakdown of the organizations, classification fight class and divisions. There seems to be some so many divisions. A fighter could literally hold 4-5 belts in various organizations at the same time .Not sure if you did a past post that touched on the organizations

    • Thank you for supporting and thank you for commenting. You are right there are many divisions in boxing and a fighter could hold multiple titles in multiple weight classes, I will make a post on the different weight classes and organizations soon. Stayed tuned for more boxing updates.

      Train like a Champion

  3. Very coincidental that the brothers are undefeated. I never would’ve thought of that. Do you think Mayweather would come out of retirement to face any of these guys? Because let’s face it, if Mayweather comes out to face these guys, wither one of them will lose. You can’t beat Mayweather.

    • Mayweather will be fighting on New Years Eve in Japan against an undefeated kickboxer. I don’t think he will be fighting in America anytime soon…he doesn’t want to risk losing so he won’t fight anyone serious here…

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