How to Train like a Boxer: Beginner

Whether you are training for fun or training to compete training like a boxer is an excellent way to get in or stay in shape. Training like a boxer increases stamina, endurance, and overall health. When training like a boxer you will work out your entire body and mind. To get the best results from training it requires commitment and discipline.

The basic exercises that are essential to train like a boxer include: Running, jumping rope, push-ups, bur pees, squats shadow boxing, crunches, mountain climbers and various other ab exercises.

A beginner boxing routine:

  • Warm up

– Stretch

– Run 1 mile

  • Work out (in sequence 3 rounds 1 min rest in between )

– 25 3 count jumping jacks

– 25 push-ups

– 25 bur pees

– 50 squats

– 50 crunches

– 25 mountain climbers

  • Boxing

– 3x 3min rounds of jump rope (1 min rest in between)

– 3x 3min rounds of shadow boxing (1 min rest in between)

  • Cool down

– Stretch


This routine is a basic workout for a beginner to boxing training, as strength increases the numbers and workouts will also increase.




  1. Hey!

    I’ve been looking for a beginner routine as I’m pretty much at zero with my exercising, if we don’t count the daily running. This one seems like a pretty cool routine. I will probably give this a try tomorrow.

    On average, how much time would you say it takes to complete?

    Cheers and have an Awesome Day!

    • Depends on how fast you run and how many breaks you take this routine should take about 45min to an hour.

      Train like a Champion!

  2. That’s some workout. You have to be in some shape first before running a mile and then 3 rounds of that. Then the boxing routine. WOW!
    It’s quite a grind. Love to do it!

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