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The purpose of this article is to discuss 5 essential boxing equipment items that you will need for your home training. These items are important because they will help to maximize your training by conditioning, protecting and time managing.

Item 1: Jump Rope Jump ropes are important to boxing because it burns calories and improves footwork. There are many types of jump ropes that are used for specific purposes; rubber and plastic are used for speed and weighted ropes are used to build strength. When choosing a jump rope pick a size and weight that you are comfortable with. The ideal rope length handles should come up to armpits when standing on the rope.

Item 2: A Timer Timers are important to manage your time between workout and rest periods of exercises like jumping rope and shadow boxing. Exercise times should be 2-3 minutes and rest times 30 seconds to 1 minute. Working out at these intervals maximizes performance and improves conditioning. The sounds of a timer also condition you to hearing the sounds in a boxing ring.

Item 3: Hand Wraps– Hand wraps are for protecting hands when punching bags. Hands should be wrapped before putting on gloves. Hand wraps come in sizes for adults and children. Hand wraps should be washed occasionally to prevent bacteria and odor.

Item 4: Bag Gloves– Bag gloves are used for hitting bags and training mitts. Bag gloves come in many sizes starting a 6oz typically for children, the training size for adults is typically 10-14oz.

Item 5: Punching Bag There many types of bags to practice punching including heavy bags, speed bags and freestanding bags. Heavy bags (70lbs+) are for increasing punching power and stamina, speed bags for improving hand speed and freestanding bags are for reflexes and footwork. The heavier the bag the less it moves. For your home training choose the bag(s) that your space will allow.

Free Standing Reflex Bag


Start out with a warm up run and stretch followed by 3x 2minute rounds of jump rope with 30 seconds of rest, followed by 3x 3minute rounds of shadow boxing with 1 minute rest, finished with 3x 3minute rounds of punching bag with 1minute rest.


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  1. Hi,

    Great advice on the equipment for starting out boxing training, I’m a massive fan of using the jump rope personally!

  2. Hi there, I don’t know much about boxing, but after reading your article I learned some good things about it! I will be coming back for more 🙂

  3. I have been looking into how I can get started boxing at home. This was a great article that helped me understand boxing even more, so I am more excited to begin soon. Keep em coming!

  4. Hello. I don’t know much about box ng but one is for sure and that is it helps you feel better physically as well as mentally. Great advice on the boxing items! Especially the one with the jump rope. Nice post!

  5. I’m all about doing stuff at home, like owning a home gym, and having boxing equipment would be awesome! Expensive stuff but it’s definitely something I see investing in in the future..

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