Freestanding Reflex Bag Review

A reflex punching bag is good for training by improving hand eye coordination, timing, and footwork. In this article I am going to review the best reflex punching bag that I have used: shaofu Freestanding Boxing Punching Bag Reflex Speed Punching Bags


  • Adjustable height 56.2 to 60.8″
  • Leather ball surface
  • Metal stand
  • Anti rust and moisture proof
  • Solid base fills with water or sand 66 to 88lbs


  • Height adjustable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to move
  • Easy storage
  • Doesn’t require a lot of space
  • Easy assembly


  • Will come apart if not assembled correctly
  • Newer models have more features
  • Can be pricey comapired to others

Personal experience

I have had this bag for about 6 months and have used several reflex bags and this one is made from better materials. The ball is firmer and sturdy like punching a heavy bag and others were of softer material and came apart easy. The base and stand is stronger to withstand more pressure and return to upright other stands fell apart at the springs making them unusable. Assembling the stand is easy because it comes with tools to put it together. (Personal note: Be sure to line up the adjusting nut with the indented holes on the height adjustment bar or it will come out.)

My Overall Rating:

4.5 out of 5


Quality is key when looking for a punching bag. The shaofu Freestanding Boxing Punching Bag Reflex is made from great quality materials and is a great bag for anyone looking to train or looking for a stress release.

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Richard Justin


  1. This is a really useful review, thank you. Did you find it was easy to adjust the height of the freestanding reflex bag? Would it be suitable for a teen or would you suggest a lighter bag to start with?

  2. I’ve got the Freestanding Reflex Bag and love the fact that it stands strong with its metal pool and anti-rust resistance. This alone makes it stand out from its competitors. Your review is thorough and I’m thinking about getting another one for my brother.

  3. Justin, great review on punching bag. What’s the advantage of using sand instead of water? As you can tell, I don’t know much about boxing? Hah!

    • I think the advantages are for water because it is readily available and easier to fill sand would most likely have to be purchased.

      Train like a Champion

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