How to Box in 10 Days

Boxing is a sport that requires immense discipline and dedication. It requires discipline of the mind to dedicate the body to learn how to focus its energy to endure intense combat.

Boxing is a craft that no matter your background with discipline and dedication has an unlimited potential for growth. Whether you are of average fitness level or an athlete looking for a new challenge, the fundamentals of boxing can be learned by anyone.

If you are an athlete looking for a challenge or a couch potato looking to get in better shape Expert Boxing has a training guide to teach you How to Box in 10 Days teaching everything from boxing techniques to workout routines.


With discipline and dedication you can learn How to Box in 10 Days.


Train Like A Champion



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  1. I just had to read a few of your posts. My late husband was a prof boxer. He knew many of the greats like Ali, Larry Holmes, Joe Frazier, to name a few. A website like your was one of his goals after he had to retire from boxing. Neither one of us had a clue as to how to accomplish this.
    Too bad something like WA was available back then.
    I really wish you all the success.

  2. Boxing was great until promoting fat cats like Don King,Bob Arum and the Duvas made the sport more about getting best pay day /greed rather than getting the best fighters to face each other .Great post by the way about How to Box in 10 Days

    • Boxing is still great a lot of good fights coming up Wilder/Fury, Pacquiao/Broner. I’ll be posting more updates. Thank you for commenting.

      Train like a Champion

  3. Hey Richard,

    In my youth I greatly enjoyed boxing. The training is brilliant for fitness and confidence levels. Learning to box quickly in ten days can be a real eye-opener for a beginner but I know it takes at least six weeks of intensive training to get into fight shape. Still, I think it’s worth a look because any skill you can acquire quickly is a self-improvement boost, especially when that skill is boxing.

    Thanks for sharing,


    • I have 3 years of amateur boxing experience and felt a dramatic change in the first 2 months, 6 weeks is pretty accurate. From what I have seen this system will teach the fundamentals of what you need to know whether you want to compete or just want to train. Thank you for commenting.

      Train like a Champion

  4. I’m an avid boxing fan. I’ve watched the greats; Ali, Foreman, Fraizier, Holmes, Holifield, Tyson, Duran, Leonard, Hearns, Hagler and on and on. I was originally from the Philippines, so, I now follow Manny Pacquiao. I would have loved to box just for discipline and endurance but didn’t have the means to buy the gears and the equipment. I know its beneficial health wise and for physical body forms. Do you box yourself Justin?

    • Those are all greats. I have 3 years of amateur experience, you can read more on About me page. Boxing is great for all of those things and it can be learned at any age. Thank you for commenting.

      Train like a Champion

  5. Very interesting. Boxing sure does take lots of athleticism and dedication. May have to check it out!

    • Discipline and dedication are a must. You don’t have to be athletic to learn. If you want fast results it is worth checking out.

      Train like a Champion

  6. I know a couple of nerds who could really benefit from this! Shoot, if they can learn to box in 10 days, anyone can; watch out bullies!

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