Boxing Exercises: Purpose

In this article we are going to breakdown some essential boxing exercises and their purpose, broken down into 3 categories: Strength, Conditioning, General Boxing.


The purpose of the strength exercises in boxing are to build your muscles in order to deliver powerful punches and also take them.

  1. The Burpee- Burpees are a great full body workout, it strengthens your core, shoulders and improves explosive movements and stamina.
  2. The Push Up- Push-ups in many variations strengthen your chest, shoulders, arms, core and overall upper body strength.
  3. The Squat– Squats in many variations strengthen your legs, lower core muscles, improve explosiveness and give you a strong base.
  4. The Sit Up– Sit ups and many variations tighten your abs and strengthen your core.
  5. The Mountain Climber– Mountain climbers are another full body exercise strengthening your shoulders, core and conditioning your legs.


The purpose of the conditioning exercises are to help you outlast your opponent by improving stamina.

  1. Jumping Jacks– is a full body cardio exercise.
  2. Wind Sprints– Increase heart rate burning fat and builds fast twitch muscles.
  3. Long Distance Running– Strengthens your heart and builds endurance.
  4. Biking– Improves cardio and leg endurance.

General Boxing

  1. Jumping Rope– Improves footwork and works entire body burning calories.
  2. Shadow Boxing– Works entire body building technique and coordination for throwing punches.
  3. Speed Bag– Improves timing, reflexes and strengthens arms and shoulders.
  4. Heavy Bag– Builds strength and stamina of entire body.


These are some of the basic boxing exercises and their purpose as you continue training you will discover more exercises and different methods of training.

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  1. Uhg, Mountain Climbers! I’m terrible at them! I’m not a boxer and have never had any such training, but I have always enjoyed the Speed Bag. Thank you for explaining what these exercises are for, and the parts of the body they work and tone. It might be considered general knowledge, but some of this information was new to me! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You’ve nailed down some really great essential exercises. Will you be adding images to some of these exercises? Can you tell me what a Burpee is? Good article to get started in the gym.

  3. Though not much for boxing, I like the way you break down the exercises. I am not a fan of the burpee as I have knee problems but I have done variations of it and it is definitely a heart rate increasing type of exercise.

  4. I have never seen the exercise Burpee? What is that? I’m familiar with everything else you mentioned except for that. My son is so into boxing, and I’ve been doing a little research into the subject for him when I came across your website.

    I’m going to bookmark it so I can let him know to take a look.

    Great info. Thanks,


    • I’m glad it could be of help. There will be more articles and videos of demonstrations coming soon. With you in his corner he is going to be great.

      Train like a Champion.

  5. Great exercises here! I have an arthritic ankle so canโ€™t really do the burpees and squats, they are really great for explosiveness like you say.

    Great post ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  6. I find, in boxing, it is as important to work on your defence as well as offence- for example being able to take a punch and outlasting your opponent in the ring. Boxing is often too focused on offensive manoeuvres so i’m glad you outlined why some of these exercises are good for defence too.

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